General Information

We have a variety of spaces to offer for meetings, conferences, camps, banquets etc. Buildings with reservable space include:



Once you submit the Inquiry Form, please allow 1 week for the form to be processed and for an Event Services representative to reach out to you about your event.

Youth Supervision

All residential Guests must be at least 18 years old. Persons 17 years of age and younger, “Youth,” are prohibited from entering or residing in the residence halls without proper adult supervision (see chaperone requirements below). Client agrees to chaperone Guest Youths in non-residential facilities at the minimum required ratio of:

Chaperone Youth Ratio Age Group
1:10 14-17
1:6 13 and under


The Danna Center/Classrooms


Decorating and the removal of decorations must occur during the scheduled and reserved time for the event.  Painters tape is the only tape approved to use in the Danna Student Center. Duct tape and packing tape should not be used on any surface. Glitter and confetti should not be used for any events inside the Danna Student Center. Balloons are prohibited in the St. Charles Room. Flowers, rental equipment and other decorations must arrive and be removed during the reservation period. Permission to burn candles, incense, or other flammable items must be approved in advance by the Assistant Director. Client shall be responsible for removing and discarding decorations, displays, and/or other materials at conclusion of event.

Media Equipment

The following media can be provided in each room:

  • Media Cart (includes laptop, projector, & speaker)
  • Screens
  • Speakers
  • Corded and wireless microphones

Additional media equipment may be reserved through the Monroe Library. Organizations are responsible for any media equipment used. If any items are lost or damaged, the organization is responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment.

Client accepts responsibility for equipment and shall return equipment, in the same condition, to University. Loss or damage to equipment will result in fees to be charged against the Client’s final reconciled bill. Media equipment other than that provided by the Danna Student Center is the responsibility of the Client.


A 50% deposit of estimated fees is due upon the execution of the contract, at which time the special event shall be deemed confirmed. You will receive a confirmation for the scheduled event via email.

Cancellation Policy

The client may cancel their reservation in writing at any time with the following effect:

  • More than 90 calendar days of event date: No penalty, full refund if applicable
  • Between 90 and 11 calendar days of event date: Forfeit of deposit
  • Within 10 days of event date: 100% of estimated fees due



Room Assignment: Client is responsible for guest room assignment(s) according to the floor plan provided by the University. Client must submit completed floor charts to University no later than ten (10) business days prior to Client’s scheduled arrival.

Checking In: Each nightly/short-term contracted group will have the assistance of two (2) Conference Services staff for a time period not to exceed two (2) hours within which to conduct group check-ins. In the event that all Guests have not arrived within this scheduled period of time, remaining keys and access cards will be checked out to the Client for distribution. Accuracy of room assignments, roommate groupings, and Guest information is the sole responsibility of the Client.

Checking Out: All guests are required to check-out personally with a Conference Services staff member, and are required to turn in all assigned keys and access cards. Failure by any Guest to do so shall be the sole responsibility of the Client. Charges for loss or damage to facilities or access keys/cards shall be billed to the Client, not to the individual Guest.


A 25% deposit of estimated fees is due upon the execution of this Agreement, and no later than 45 days before the Event date, at which time the Event shall be deemed confirmed.

Cancelation Policy

Client may terminate this agreement in writing at any time with the following effect:

  • More than 45 calendar days of Event date: Forfeit 75% of deposit
  • Between 45 - 11 calendar days of Event date Forfeit 100% of deposit
  • Within 10 days of Event date: 100% of contracted fees due

University may terminate this Agreement in writing at any time if, in its judgment, sufficient information is not provided by Client for appropriate planning purposes at least forty-five (45) calendar days prior to Event date. Under such circumstances, University reserves the right to cancel or amend the Event and Client will forfeit 100% of deposit.